Courage and bravery…

Courage & bravery is two words I’ve been thinking about today. At today’s Swedish course for immigrants, I asked one beautiful lady (in Swedish) ; “are you tired today?” She said “no I’m sad & scared, they have decided to send me back to Azərbaycan”… / Lotten Rapp, 23nov 2015

Motivation. It just appears. From somewhere I find energy…

Motivation. It just appears. From somewhere I find energy, I feel strong & fearless… I just have to do it! In this very moment there are frightened people, people running for their lives, haunted, escaping on boats. Arriving to places where they don’t feel welcomed. I know I can help and I know I have to. What else is meaning in life? If not LOVE!? / Lotten Rapp, Fränsta 22nov 2015

Jentecamp Ramundberget 18-20dec

FREERIDE försäsongsträningsläger 18 -20 december 2015 Ramundberget (Sverige) Träningspass: flyt, skidteknik, kontroll Föreläsningar Fotograferingar Sponsorkontakter Boende: Lägenheter, Ramundberget Middagar, luncher, hotellfrukostar liftkort, spa Pris: 1550kr Arrangeres av JenteCamp-konseptet “IVRIG”- Lotten Rapp, Anja Alme Gardli & Linn Cecilie Mæhlum Åldersgräns 18 år. Skicka din anmälan till :

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What keeps me inspired – by Haglöfs

Together with my Haglöfs friends Jenni Kaipainen & Anne May Slinning we have created a new ski wear named SKADE In 2013, we decided the time had come to elevate our women’s freeski line with a new collection. This time, we wouldn’t adapt garments for men and women, but rather start from the very beginning with the female body in mind. These garments would balance function, features and femininity without compromising on any. And of course, they’d look good, too!