Dear Matilda Rapaport

One year in thoughts of you. First of all my english has never been excellent and it will probably never be, but I hope I can write this thoughts correctly.

When you where among us here on earth I was thinking about you a lot, you where my mental “sparring mate” during summer training and winter training, In my thoughts it was always “If Matilda can do it, I can do it to!” and I know you had the same thoughts about me, if I could do it, you could do it to! When you past away I felt so very sorry for the times when I wasn’t happy for your success. I’m a competitive person and I know you where to. But in my sadness this year I have brought myself back to the good memories of the last Chamonix comp we did in 2016, we where both standing in the start gate, if I remember correctly I was “number 32 and you 33”, I turned around in the start gate and I saw that you was very nervous, I was to. I knew your pressure on yourself after the last comp in Andorra so I said to Matilda “bara gör det Matilda= just do it Matilda”. In the finish you came to me and gave me a hug and said “ditt pepp på starten idag, hjälpte mig= your inspiration in the startgate made me perform today”. I’m so thankful for that day, because I really felt in the startgate that I would have been happier if Matilda did well, then that I performed well myself…

Here’s Matilda’s run from that day, watch it! And also the run she did in Alaska 2016, it was amazing!

As in mental training I try to take the positive things out of history, you are with us every day in different ways. What I will try to do is to follow the inspiration, put away the heavy pressure, enjoy the great success of others and bring the loved ones even closer. You are a real STAR Matilda, an irreplaceable one that’s shining bright now and forever.

Thank you Matilda for everything

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